The Energy-Feeling Experiment

What do you do, when its broken
When your face feels warm
And your eyes start to burn
What do you do when your world get shaken

What do you do when you cant reach out
When every step is you take falls wrong
And you are along listening to a sad song
What do you do when all you are left with is doubt

What do you do when you lie down alone to sleep
When the one you love, is the one who is gone
And she takes away the only friend you had
What do you do when you are the only one hearing your breathe

Is there anyone to whom i can alight
Is there anyone who can lift me up when shy
IS there anyone who belives i am right
Is there anyone of likes the way i cry

In me,
There is fear and anger inside me
In me,
There is despair and uncertainty
In me,
There is sadness and there is pain

I bear responsibility to losiing the best thing i ever had -
Black on white , my name is Untitled – Notepad