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NFS Most Wanted [tips and tricks]

NFS Most Wanted [tips and tricks]

After about 4 months of playing this game i am finally completed it ..( i left it in between for 1 1/2 months so technically 2 1/2 months ..)
I am the most wanted racer in rockport city !:cool:
I may not be an ace at the game but i have learnt a few tricks from playing.A lovely guide can be found at Evading the Police

You ll find most of the tricks at this place but here is a few from my side .

    1.) After beating blacklist #6 ,Ming , be sure to opt for bonuns markers as there is high pronanility that you will get his car , Lambhoghini Gallarado. The ride has been tweaked up to the max with all parts on ultimate. Its one of the best cars.

    2.)Speaking of cars , my advice is always have 3 cars in your Safe House as each car has it speciefic use.

    Lambhoghini Gallarado/Murcielago ( Muricelago is damn expensive but is awesome !) for races .

    >>Astom Martin DB 5 for persuits

    >>Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR : is has a lovely acceleration !

    >>Ford GT : He is the dhoni of all cars ! good top speed and handling makes it a pricessless car.

    These cars are the best and there no stopping if you have these in your Safe house.
    3.)Always sell off your parts before selling the car on the whole. The price of car dosent change even after being stripped.
    4.)The performance tune up is a must after installing your upgrades. Increase turbo/supercharger to the max. Decrese nitrous by one level( so thet u dont use too much ! in franctic situations you tend to keep pressing it ..)
    Increase ride height and aerodynamis up by 3 levels.Decrease steering by one level.
    |NOTE : these settings are user dependent and may vary from to player to player . |

    5.)Try using nitrous in short burst insted of pressing it for a long time.It not only conserves the resource but is also more effective.

The game ends with a final hot persuit with Sgt.Cross and his police team.

The ending : Final Persuit

Welcome to the Grand Finale, the final chase. Through a massive plot twist,
you have slipped through Sgt. Cross’s fingers as the most wanted man in
Rockport, and he’s hacked. Every police car from here to Canada is in on the
chase, Heavy Rhinos, the Helicopter, and Undercover Corvette C6s. There will
be Roadblocks, Spike Strips, and Rhinos around every corner, the Helicopter
will dive on your car, and even worse: there is no EVADE, no matter how far
away you get from the cops, there’s no escape. How will you get away?

For the first five minutes all you can do is ride it out, the police will
throw everything but the kitchen sink at you to bring you down. The most
important thing you need to know for this chase is that you CANNOT STOP OR
CRASH. You will have Corvettes and Rhinos on your tail at all times, enough
to encase you in a tomb of steel should you crash or stop, making it nearly
impossible to escape. Just keep moving and use the tactics you learned in
previous pursuits when dealing with Spike Strips and Roadblocks.

If you survive the five minutes, you’ll get a call from Mia telling you there
are no safe places in Rockport, and the only way to escape is to flee the city
via the Old Bridge. At this point, you’ll see a purple point appear on the
GPS. You cannot lock this point to get an arrow, so you have to find it the
old fashioned way. The Old Bridge is on the extreme West of the map, near the
baseball stadium. All you have to do is get to the west of the map, then
either go North or South depending on where the point is relative to your car.
Once you see the point, which sits next to the only road that goes west when
on that side of the map, turn down it, and hit the nitrous. Once you get to
the break in the bridge, the game takes over, and you execute a spectacular
jump over the broken bridge to freedom. Congraturation, you are the winner :) .

49 responses to “NFS Most Wanted [tips and tricks]”

  1. Coo

    Umm How Do You Come To Rockport? Man I Did All The Races 3/3 And Well I Did 2/3 Challenges How Can I Get To Rockport?

  2. kapil

    i completed this game in only 6 days
    and i get all blacklist cars
    for more tricks
    see cheat code

  3. Cheater

    Please i need help with the Cross hes Busted me 4 times… Pleaase help The Ford GT what i use sucks… :mad:

  4. lucario5963

    i know the last pursuit is madly insane :lol:

  5. fishbits

    Try putting all of the unique mods on the GT40.

    My settings:
    Steering +2 to 4
    Handling +3
    Ride Height -2 or 3
    Aerodynamics (none)
    Nitrous +2 to 4
    Supercharger +5

    If you still can’t drive the GT, get a stock Fiat and paint it puke green, ‘cuz it’s not the car that sucks.

    Also, the Lamborghini (<correct plural spelling) are all 4-wheel drive, which I find infinitely handy during pursuits.

  6. nfsbmw

    :mrgreen: cool

  7. nfsbmw

    well im on blacklist 7 ive got every car except blacklist 15 14s cars :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:

  8. nfsbmw

    i was on blacklist 2 but it got corupted :cry: then i had to start all over again well u get past cross like this use like pursuit brEAKERS TRY AND AVOID SPIKE STRIPS at alll costs then mia will call and tell u to go to the draw bridge and then get enough speed and then it will show and intro of u jumping across the draw bridge and then after that uve finished then do whatever u want its a freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee worldddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd lol

  9. Adsh Man

    :arrow: dude…i can see that u are definately the smartest loser who comes to this site! :cool: call this number to satisfy your needs:9840345598…

  10. curtis

    im on number 2 bull i have been playing for about 3 weeks i have a corvette c6 dodge viper and a carrera gt < i spelled that wrong) :smile: im stuck on the bounty i need 1m bounty

  11. riko

    what the cheat you use :smile:

  12. cool3

    to curtis – get the pursuit to heat level 5 and use the aston martin db9 ( i used it and got about 1 million + bounty in one pursuit).

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  14. sexysam

    is dere ne trick 4 dodging under 4m trucks or it comes only by practice???….also is it helpful in evading pursuits……?

  15. Luis

    I need to know if I can get any cop cars in the xbox using cheats, or atleast the cops corvett… plz answer!!!

  16. Nike

    do i know that where is the bus stop ???

  17. Julian

    Hey i play this game and so far in about 1 week im up 2 number 9 on the blacklist and have gotten all the blacklist cars Lol there good for extra cash and if u get it with the first marker then u should get a unique part BEST PLAN :D

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  23. vegeta

    which car is best for circuit help me:(

  24. soulix

    for Lambhoghini Gallarado my settings is:
    Steering +1
    Handling +3
    Ride Height +1
    Aerodynamics +2
    Nitrous +1
    Supercharger +5
    Lambhoghini Gallarado is the one of the best car…on black list number 6 ming car is so important………….as far i consider…………..

  25. Ric

    no need to pick the right cars, all u need is your skill and strategy in playing the games.. so goodluk guys ! :P

  26. anupam shivlok Rahee

    This is a greate game.
    I completed it more than five times. According to me the most preferred vehicle is one that you can handle well not the one that others are using because it totally depends upon you if how you drive it all over.
    After this I will move onto GTA-V

  27. ashutosh

    Man am on blacklist 4 and i have all the cars from all the riders

  28. saksham

    download tke nfs mw save editor and you can get infinite money and bounty

  29. saksham

    i have all the cars in the game and all of them are upgraded to ultimate

  30. Error

    hey guys i got my profile with full of highly performances cars with super chargers ,defeated all blacklists, n completed all challeneges if anybody interested mail me up so that i can mail him/her this profile

  31. Deepak

    Everybody is talking about the ford gt40, lambo and porsche (< dunno if thats the right spelling).. Don't forget about lancer evolution… As for me, its the best car around.. Light weight, AWD and awesome for pursuits. Got 10 million bounty with it..

  32. rhythm

    lol i complete it in just 3 or 3and a half days…

  33. Kausik

    Hey. . . . .acrdng 2 me da bst car is da murcielago. . . So guyz jst buy it. . .and jst njoy ur ryd. . And i say. . . The worst car is da bmw. . :-x :-x

  34. sahiljohn

    hei guys this game is awsome . put of the cardammage

  35. Kapil

    i have completed most wanted number of times…but i just wanna know how to perform various stunts like drive car on 1 side(i don’t know the name for that stunt),or the stunts that rivals do,etc…..thanks a lot in advance.. :)

  36. Kedar Sawant

    I have a Lamborghini Gallardo which is has a full speed,handling,accelaration but what a dam car I cannot see anything while driving.Please help me

  37. Anupam Shivlok Rahee

    This is Anupam S. Rahee.
    Dude, you have Lamborghini, the most favorable vehicle for the whole setup, just know the controlling procedures, or better get a game controller, to get better gaming experience and prevents damage to your peripheral becave of certain retardation.. I know, I myself have gone through them all. Don’t panic.
    so set the controls as close as you can, set the aerodynamics to your preferred level, the one you can handle, check ‘em all turn by turn and set the most appropriate up.
    and Best of luck.

  38. am

    i completed this game 6 times in a row… :) grt one

  39. Rhishikesh

    I am on Blacklist #2 (bull). I too left the game for 2 months in between after defeating ronnie. But after some practicing i can play this game better. Nfs most wanted is better than Nfs Most Wanted Criterion game.

  40. Kagimu Musa

    I have defeated all the blacklist racers but fuck the end is fucking hard,getting to that damn old bridge,plus Mia takes long to call

  41. Kagimu Musa

    Oh ma God,this is awesome wooo hooo…,i just become the most wanted,this game is amazing

  42. Cydric

    This game, i finished it in 2 days the races were quite easy only the bounty were little pain in neck. The most ieasz race was thf last one.

  43. ayo

    Hey dude thanks so much… ?? just checked it today and ??m. Done mehn… Dat jump was soooooo C Õõøº°??°º l… ?? didn’t even take note of the bridge until around 9:04:09

  44. Mike

    The games is mad,but once you know it,it’s
    Easy.My Career is the best,I got the Galladro
    But it is hard to use,I am on blacklist rival#2

  45. Ghacker

    You Can Slam Take Down a Swat Car Just u need is The Ghost on The Road Tje Bugati Veron Super Supersport… full all Unlocked Go Oncommin for 5000 Yards to Unlock Gear Mods.Drift+10,000Yard Will Unlock Track Tires. Cops on Tail Fit Off rod Tyres and go off road to unlock off road tyres fix lightweight chasis and jum in the circles at Downtown to Unlock Pro mod Take down 10 Cop Cars to get reinforced pro in race jum Over another race twice to unlock Impact Pro or Drive With ou Crash+oncomming+Near to Unlock Aero Pro @ tstechparadise.blogspot.com

  46. Shahid Islam

    I Completed all Blacklists in only 5 days.

    AnyOne wanna compete with me on GameRanger, so contact me

  47. Abdullah Latif

    I’ve completed this game in 4 days
    fantastic game!!!!!!
    LOVED IT 4EVER<3<3<3

  48. Abdullah Latif

    I’ve completed this game in 4 days with over 2million bounty.
    fantastic game!!!!!!
    LOVED IT 4EVER<3<3<3

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